Rocky Mountain Baha'i

This site explains how the prophecies for the Return of Christ were fulfilled by the prophet of the Baha'i faith, Baha'u'llah

Rocky Mountain Baha'i

This site explains how the prophecies for the Return of Christ were fulfilled by the prophet of the Baha'i faith, Baha'u'llah

About this Site


Christ has already returned!

This website explains that Christ has already returned as the Prophet of the Baha'i faith. He brought the New Covenant. Mankind is meant to enter into a Covenant with God and establish the Kingdom of God on earth.


Bible Prophecies are Now being Fulfilled!

The book of Revelation and other parts of the Bible foretold all the events that are happening in the world today, includng the fact that mankind has broken the Covenant brought by the Return of Christ, and therefore the world is heading into dire catastrophes! 


Become Firm in the Covenant Now!

It is imperative that 144,000 people learn the truth about the Covenant that God wants mankind to enter into, before the four winds of destruction foretold in the book of Revelation begin! According to prophecy, one-third of mankind will die in a one-hour nuclear war! It was foretold in Revelation 9:15 as: "...[T]he hour, the day, the month, and the year, to kill a third of mankind."

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Click on the arrow pointing downward that is next to the "More" button on the top righthand side of this page, and you will see all the pages on this site. Most of the text on this site was either written by the Seventh Angel, or they are transcripts of the Seventh Angel, or they are videos of the Seventh Angel giving firesides. Some articles were also written by his followers as supporting material.

Below are the names of the pages, and an explanaiton of the content on those pages.

The Seventh Angel's teachings are foretold to be the teachings that establish the Kingdom of God on earth. These teachings help people understand the Covenant of Baha'u'llah and the Will and Testament of Abdu'l-Baha. Abdu'l-Baha spoke of the Seventh Angel as the establisher of the Kingdom of God in Some Answered Questions. He lived from 1914 to 1996 and he was one of only 50 people who were knighted by Shoghi Effendi as a "Knight of Baha'u'llah." From Some Answered Questions: "The seventh angel is a man qualified with heavenly attributes, who will arise with heavenly qualities and character.... In the day of the manifestation of the Lord of Hosts... the Spiritual and Divine Kingdom will be established."

Purpose of Life & Bible Prophecies

The Purpose of Life page has the first Baha’i fireside. It explains that the reason mankind was created, is to know and love God. To actually know God, we must turn to the Prophets God sends. We can recognize the authenticity of these Prophets because Their name, date, address, and mission were foretold in prophecy.

The Bible Prophecies page has transcripts of the Seventh Angel giving three firesides. These firesides show how Jesus, the Bab, Baha’u’llah, and the Seventh Angel were all foretold in prophecy by their name, date, address, and mission.

The Bible Prophecies page also has an extensive article that summarizes the Old Testament. This is important to understand because long ago, God made a Covenant saying the Kingdom of God on earth will have God's Kings on earth at the head of it. If we don't understand history, we are doomed to repeat it, and mankind is now repeating history by not being firm in God's Covenant! As a result of mankind's lack of firmness in God's Covenants,  prophecy has foretold that dire catastrophes will soon befall mankind. The Seventh Angel is the one sent to explain the way these catastrophes, and this Kingdom of God on earth, were all foretold in the book of Revelation and in the Baha'i writings.

God's Covenant with Man

The page titled God’s Covenant with Man has Baha’u’llah’s Covenant, Abdu’l-Baha’s Will and Testament, an explanation of Baha’u’llah’s Covenant, and it breaks the seven seals that are on Abdu’l-Baha’s Will and Testament. The seven seals are spoken of in the book of Revelation. They are the seven passages of the Will and Testament that mankind is not obedient to at this time in history. The article about What Happened After Shoghi Effendi died, tells precisely how mankind broke away from God’s Covenant after Shoghi Effendi passed away. The final article, titled the Twelve Principles goes into the twelve principles of the Baha’i faith.  

Baha’i Fireside Videos 1 and 2

Baha’i Fireside Videos 1 and 2. These two pages have links to 18 videos that were produced in 1987. All these videos are of the Seventh Angel teaching firesides. Some videos are missing, and will hopefully be available in the future!     on. They s]�=i

Over the Wall & Revelation

All the pages titled Over the Wall and Revelation are chapters of the book written by the Seventh Angel. This is a copyrighted book and none of the content may be used without permission. Use the Contact Us section below to request permission.

The Great Pyramid I & II

The Great Pyramid I & II are presenting the material covered in the Seventh Angel’s fireside where he cracks the code of the Great Pyramid. Many agree that the Great Pyramid was not a tomb but was rather a book written in stone, and a timeline for the coming of God’s Prophets, where one pyramid inch equals one Christian calendar year. However it no one understood how to interpret this timeline when it comes to the upper chambers of the Great Pyramid. It was not until the Seventh Angel cracked the code, and told us that the Christian calendar timeline turned into a Baha’i calendar timeline, once the Baha’i calendar began in 1844 AD. At that point, one pyramid inch equals one Baha’i calendar month. 

Using that as the new measuring rod, the Seventh Angel explains how the Bab, Baha’ullah, the Seventh Angel, and the establishment of Baha’u’llah’s Covenant, are all foretold in the Great Pyramid. This material is also covered extensively in chapter 11 in Over the Wall.

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